Deities of En'quorra

The Orthodoxy of Dei rules over all of the civilized people of En’quorra by divine right. The Speaker Emperor, head of the Orthodoxy, translates the will of Dei into rules and tenets for the citizens of En’quorra to follow. The civilized people of En’quorra primarily revere the Ultimate celestial, Dei, and follow his specific laws. Many individuals also focus their worship on the lunar celestials that are part of Dei’s pantheon. Worship of the lesser celestials in general not considered heresy by the Orthodoxy of Dei, but worship of the evil Jundum or the eldritch Voideyes is. Each of the lunar celestials is revered as a deity, with its own portfolio separate from Dei.
The people of En’quorra worship a pantheon of celestial deities. All of the deities are worshipped in their form as the sun and moons of En’quorra, and their worshippers believe that the celestial objects are the gods’ physical forms. Apart from Dei’s luminance, these deities don’t have obvious and direct effects on En’quorra, but worshippers attribute divine power and miracles to them. A cleric who prays to Mosha is granted the powers of war, and a cleric who prays to Petrum is blessed with strength, so the divinity of the celestials is evident in that.
As with any pantheon so revered by its followers, the gods strongly influence their respective domains. No citizen lives a day in the Ecumenopolis without acknowledging the grace of one of their gods. The gods can also be fickle in ways, and many religious scholars spend decades trying to interpret the meaning of expressions of divine will. These expressions come in the form of visions or dreams experienced by a blessed few. Although the Speaker Emperor and his High Seers are the ultimate authority on the will of the deities, the messages they receive to interpret can always be independently confirmed by even non-elven oracles.
Like Eberron, divine characters in Tidal are not subject to alignment restrictions.

The celestials are listed here in order of relative apparent size from En’quorra.

The Ultimate Celestial

Dei [LG] – Dei, the life-giving sun, is the ultimate good. He shines upon En’quorra and blesses all that his light touches. He is revered by all, without question. Domains: Good, Sun, Law, Glory, Nobility

Lunar Celestials

Jundum [NE] – Jundum is the only moon whose worship is considered heathenry, as he is the black moon with the audacity to eclipse Dei. Some gnomes revere him, primarily because the Orthodoxy hates him. Many other humanoids offer the occasional prayer when they are up to no good. Domains: Evil, Darkness, Trickery, Air, Luck
Honiel [NG] – Honiel is the white moon goddess of agriculture, childbirth, and healing. She is worshipped by members of all races. Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Community, Water
Petrum [NG] – Petrum is the brown moon god of strength and camaraderie. He is married to Honiel. He is worshipped mostly by humans and dwarves. Domains: Good, Strength, Earth, Charm, Protection
Zeraph [LN] – Zeraph, the white moon god of magic, is worshipped by elven magic users, and the occasional non-elven heretic who would aspire to that domain. Domains: Law, Magic, Rune, Knowledge, Nobility
Mosha [N] – Mosha is the red moon goddess of war. Since the Orthodoxy brought peace to the land centuries ago, her worship has fallen out of fashion, but she is still followed by warriors of any race. Domains: War, Destruction, Glory, Weather
Ampeter [NG] – Ampeter is the green moon god of nature. His followers hold plant life to be sacred due to the difficulty of finding healthy soil. Elves, druids and barbarians often worship Ampeter. Domains: Plant, Animal, Sun, Weather
Ignis [CN] – Ignis is the red moon hermaphrodite god of fire and sex. It is of unpredictable temperament. Its frequent volcanic eruptions can be seen from En’quorra. Entertainers and hedonists revere Ignis. Domains: Chaos, Fire, Charm, Luck, Destruction
Kobuz [N] – Kobuz is the brown moon god of industry, science, and technology. He is worshipped by many dwarves and gnomes. Domains: Law, Artifice, Knowledge, Community, Earth
Ysdella [N] – Ysdella is not specifically a moon, although he is still revered as such. Ysdella is a line of dust across the sky that encircles En’quorra. Ysdella was once a moon, but lost a fight with Mosha millenia ago. Domains: Repose, Death, Travel, Liberation

Other Deities

Voideyes [CN] – The faraway lights that can be seen from the dark parts of En’quorra. The baleful stars drive good men to madness, and are revered only by the heathen savages of the Shadowlands. Domains: Chaos, Madness, Rune, Knowledge, Liberation
The Whispers [CE] – The Whispers are dark spirits who haunt the depths of the Ecumenopolis. They are the jealous echoes of civilizations that have long passed, and are worshipped by the creatures that lurk in the depths. Domains: Evil, Chaos, Death, Destruction, Community
Sin [LE] – Sin is the greatest of all fiends. He is rarely spoken of, and appears mostly in apocryphal texts. He turns the faithful against Dei by sowing seeds of doubt and hardening jaded souls. Domains: Evil, Law, Fire, Nobility, Earth
Others – Savages and heretics worship countless other false gods, many of whom can’t even be seen in the heavens above, such as Sin and The Whispers. While these idols are not truly divinity, they can bestow dark powers on their followers.

Deities of En'quorra

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