House Rules

Character Creation

Characters are built with 15-point buy, with appropriate character wealth by level. Magic items can be purchased for their base value from the Orthodoxy’s Bureau of Artifice, and the Bureau keeps logs of who owns what. Any items purchased on the black market cost 150% of the regular price, but that keeps your purchase out of the Orthodoxy’s ledgers.

Other House Rules

Bennies: Inspired by game systems such as Mutants and Masterminds, Savage Worlds, and Numenara. Players will begin each session with three bennies, which can be spent to reroll any die you rolled and take the better result. You may spend up to as many bennies as you have on a die roll. Unspent bennies are lost at the end of the session, and bennies can be earned through acts of heroism, clever planning, entertaining roleplay, or by weathering a GM intrusion.
XP Progression: Characters will advance approximately at the fast rate, but XP will not be explicitly tracked. Level-ups will be awarded at story appropriate moments.
Retraining: Characters can retrain benefits such as feats and class features, following the Pathfinder retraining rules.

Dungeoneering Convenience

  • Characters don’t need to track encumbrance or supplies except in unusual circumstances.
  • Unless otherwise specified, characters are assumed to have a hooded lantern clipped onto their backpack, which sheds light in a 30’ radius.
  • When a character is spending a move action to retrieve an item, they may stow one held item as a free action.

Setting Rules

House Rules

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