Light of Dei

The Light of Dei is an order of knights over 3000 years old. They act as the executive arm of the Orthodoxy. It is primarily manned by human soldiers, and its most elite members are Paladins called Knights of Dei. Although in name it is devoted to Dei, many of its members revere the lunar celestials as well. Its members walk the Ecumenopolis, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and protecting the threatened. They also enforce the laws of the orthodoxy, using significantly more discretion in this case. A paladin of the Light is under no illusion that everyone agrees with Dei’s law, but does his best to represent Dei’s will in a positive light. Although cynics warn that any transgression can result in summary execution on the end of a tyrannical sword, only willful and repeated heresy usually leads to that fate.

As the Light acts as a sort of police force for the ecumenopolis, they have stations in all of the districts. These stations are called Bureaus of the Light, and they are charged with investigating crimes against the empire of Dei. They don’t usually have the resources needed to investigate minor crimes against lesser races, but most capital Heresies are enough to draw their attention.

The Light also uses inquisitors, so-called Illuminators, when a great deal of subtlety or precision is required. The Illuminators are not well known, but many criminals live in fear that their exploits might attract the attention of the “gray elves”. Their methods are said to be brutal and morally ambiguous, but extremely effective.

During the Dawn War, the most elite members of the united army of the civilized races were members of the Light of Dei. They always endeavor to remind the citizens of the ecumenopolis of their noble past, and feel that their fight against heresy is just as important as the fight against the savages of the Shadowlands.

Light of Dei

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