Welcome to En’quorra

Tidal takes place in the land of En’quorra (En-kora), an old world that lives beneath a stationary sun called Dei. There are no days or nights on this land, just shadows and light broken by the occasional eclipse by Jundum. Ancient, forbidden texts allude to a cycle by which the sun circled the land just as the moons do, and a period known as the Great Shift, or the Apotheosis of Dei. The Orthodoxy of Dei considers these to be heretical lies.

The light side of the world is covered in the Ecumenopolis, a continuous city layered thickly over its own ancient ruins. Most humanoids live in squalor, deep in the recesses of the vast cities, ruled over by feudal district lords. The lords in the upper spires aren’t much happier, as the wealth and power of the world are all concentrated in the great elven forest of Ur’dei, which lies sunward of the Ecumenopolis, basking in the eternal sunlight of Dei. The elves of Ur’dei watch over the world, protecting it from the dangers of heresy. On the other side, sunway beyond the mountains that sit near the borders of civilization, lie the Shadowlands. This dark, cold place is home to savage horrors such as orcs, goblins, and even dragons.


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